SDHQ Built

The Blue 392

Introducing our latest project: a Jeep 392 transformed into an off-road powerhouse, tailored for those who seek adventure without limits. We started by enhancing its suspension with an Icon system, ensuring it moves smoothly over any terrain. For ease of control and added functionality, we've installed a Switch Pros panel, allowing quick management of the vehicle's numerous accessories. The journey doesn't end when the sun sets, thanks to the Baja Designs lighting we've added for unparalleled visibility. Up top, a Rhino Roof Rack provides ample storage for all your gear, while the undercarriage is fortified with Currie Axles, guaranteeing that this Jeep's performance is as robust as its appearance. Witness the fusion of ultimate performance and unmatched style, designed to conquer and impress.

Don't know where to start?

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Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start when thinking about modifying your Jeep. Shoot us a message and we can help you make selections that are in your budget and have the impact you're looking for.