ford f150 build gallery

Explore the different options and products we offer to create your own unique F150 and unleash the full potential of your off-road adventures. Take a look and get some ideas from past F150 builds done in house by SDHQ.

maximize your off-road experience

Unleash the true potential of your Ford F-150 with our specialized customization services. Whether you're seeking rugged off-road capability or enhanced performance on the pavement, we have the expertise to create a customized F-150 that exceeds your expectations. From lift kits and heavy-duty suspension systems to powerful engine upgrades and premium accessories, we'll transform your F-150 into a versatile and commanding machine. Get ready to dominate every terrain with confidence and style in your personalized Ford F-150.

'15-20 Ford F150 SDHQ Built A-Pillar Light Mounts
Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Lights-Pair
11 / 5
These guys saved our day 3 times this year at KOH. We really appreciate the time they took to help us out, and the fact that they trucked a bunch of parts out to the desert.

Corey McKenzie | Verified customer