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'11-Current Ford F250/F350 Carli Leaf Spring Shackle

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The Carli rear leaf spring shackle for the '11-Current Ford F250/F350 is constructed of 1/4″ American cold-rolled steel. The mid-length gusset ensures no deflection, while the serviceable bushings offer a far superior ride to the bind of the factory bushings.

The Carli leaf spring shackle kit features bushings that will not bind and will work wonders to free up the rear end of your F250/F350 (even fits factory leaf springs) while offering BOTH serviceability and the ability to rebuild the shackle after heavy use.


  • '11-Current Ford F250/F350


  • Greasable and Rebuildable
  • Far Better Ride than Factory Shackle
  • 1/4" Steel Construction
  • Fits Factory and Carli Springs


Much of the jarring ride of the F250/F350 rear can be attributed to the factory vulcanized bushings in the leaf spring pack and shackle. The factory shackle is very strong BUT the design is not conducive to a smooth ride. This is no surprise, as an F250/F350 isn’t made to ride well, it’s made to tow. The F250/F350 Factory leaf springs are high-spring-rate and short-travel. Why would Ram design a shackle that rides well and is capable of extended suspension travel? Vulcanized bushings are a press-fit bushing often utilized by OEMs in which the bushing material is adhered on both points of contact.

Why does Carli use Vulcanized bushings?

The vulcanized bushings may not seem like a big deal until you consider that there are 6 total bushings fighting suspension movement in the factory configuration – front leaf spring pivot, rear leaf spring pivot and shackle pivot.

Serviceable bushings

The bushings on Carli's Leaf Spring Shackle Kit bushings are serviceable. Droop the rear end and grease them through the protected zerk fitting. The grease travels through these channels, around the crush sleeve and to the bushing face for optimal grease migration and bushing life.


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