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Bubba Rope

Bubba Off-Road UTV/SxS Gear Set

  • VENDOR: Bubba Rope
  • PART#: 176842BL
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The Bubba Rope Off-Road UTV/SxS Gear Set includes Bubba Rope’s Sidewinder 5/8" diameter Power Stretch® Recovery Rope and matching NexGen Gator-Jaw® synthetic soft shackles. The Power Stretch Rope with vinyl armor Gator-ized coatings comes in a 20' length. The set also includes a heavy-duty mesh duffle gear bag for easy carrying and storing.

With multiple color options this is the gear set that started it all, setting the bar for dynamic off-road recovery gear. Copied but never duplicated, Bubba’s Off-Road Recovery Gear is 100% made in the USA with unmatched hand-made quality.

With a certified breaking strength of 14,000 lbs., the gear set is ideal for vehicles weighing 1,000 – 3,000 lbs. Everything you need for a faster, smarter, safer way to get your UTV unstuck.


Gator-Jaws and Power Stretch® Rope will come as a matching set

  • 176842BL-Blue Eye Color
  • 176842RD-Red Eye Color
  • 176842OR-Orange Eye Color
  • 176842GR-Green Eye Color


  • Bubba Rope Mesh Carrying Bag
  • One 5/8" X 20' Sidewinder Power Stretch® Recovery Rope (breaking strength 14,000 lbs.)
  • Two Matching 5/16" Gator-Jaw® Nexgen Pro Synthetic Shackles (breaking strength 26,000 lbs.)
  • Choose from multiple color options. Gator-Jaws and Power Stretch® Rope will come as a matching set
  • Diameter (in): 5/8"
  • Length (ft.) 20.00'
  • Rated Break Strength (lbs.) 14,000.00

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