Carli Suspension

94-Current Dodge 2500/3500 3" Pintop 2.5 Shock Package

  • VENDOR: Carli Suspension
  • PART#: CS-DPT25SPKG-03-H
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $3,025.00


The Pintop system boasts Carli specific, blueprinted, King 2.5” shocks on all four corners. In an effort to provide customers with the best product, we designed a custom piston to determine proper base flow rates to ensure the shock works well in the heavy-duty truck platform; we then tuned the shocks around the custom pistons based on the only thing that matters to us, seat-of-the-pants feel. We round off ALL our King shocks with shafts machined and polished from a solid piece of 17-4 Stainless. Unlike King’s standard shafts, there is no coating to wear off, weather can’t hurt them and if there is a small chip, you can round the edges with emery cloth to ensure the seal housing isn’t damaged as they’re not brittle like the stock, hardened shafts.


  • Carli Tuned - King 2.5" Remote Reservoir Shocks
  • Stainless Shafts
  • Front and Rear Shocks
  • Short Reservoir Mounts
  • Limit Straps 
  • 10" Front Wheel Travel
  • 12" Rear Wheel Travel
  • King 2.5", Remote-Reservoir, Carli Tuned Shocks
  • Much Improved Handling
  • Much Improved Control
  • Very Comfortable On-Road Ride
  • Vastly Improved Off-Road Capability


  • Fitment: 1994-2013 Ram 2500 4x4 Diesel
  • Fitment: 1994-2012 Ram 3500 4x4 Diesel
  • Fitment: 2003-2013 Ram 2500 4x4 Hemi
  • Fitment: 2003-2012 Ram 3500 4x4 Hemi
  • For: 2.75" Front Lift
  • For: 1/2" - 1" Rear Lift

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