King Off-Road Shocks

3.0 Race Series 1" Shaft Coilover

  • VENDOR: King Off-Road Shocks
  • PART#: King-RS3008-COHR
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $1,080.00


King Pure Race series coil over shocks and coil carriers have been highly refined in the most hostile racing conditions on the planet. Every aspect of their design has been optimized for all out racing. All King Pure Race series coilovers are custom made for your application to provide ultimate performance and uncompromising damping control.

King coil over shock bodies are machined with our own truncated thread design to produce ultimate strength and trouble free spring adjustments. Our three piece adjusting nut assembly has a unique pinch bolt design that offers superior clamping force to retain your coil preload adjustments without crushing the threads like set screw style collars do. It also includes an upper spring centering ring and nylon antifriction disc to make quick work of adjusting even the heaviest springs under substantial preload. Our machined billet nylon coil sliders maintain proper spring alignment and silent operation while withstanding temperatures up to 450 degrees. Progressive dual rate spring applications use a set of lockable secondary nuts threaded onto the body to allow precise adjustment of secondary spring engagement.


Part# Description Type Details Weight Compressed length Extended length
RS3008-CO 3.0x8" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 26.00 17.81 25.81
RS3010-CO 3.0x10" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 26.50 19.81 29.81
RS3012-CO 3.0x12" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 27.00 21.81 33.81
RS3014-CO 3.0x14" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 28.00 24.56 38.56
RS3016-CO 3.0x16" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 31.00 27.31 43.06
RS3018-CO 3.0x18" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 33.50 30.06 48.06
RS3020-CO 3.0x20" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 32.06 52.06
RS3026-CO 3.0x26" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 38.06 64.06

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