King Off-Road Shocks

3.0 Performance Racing Series Remote Reservoir Coilover

  • VENDOR: King Off-Road Shocks
  • PART#: King-PR3008-COHR
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $1,059.00


King, Coil over shocks, provide the highest level of performance damping and suspension control for your vehicle. Their design allows for a space saving solution to your suspension mounting needs as they incorporate both the coil spring and shock absorber in one package. They are used as a primary suspension member to carry the weight of the vehicle and to maintain ride height while providing the adjustable valving and high quality ride characteristics King is famous for. All of our coil over shocks are custom made for your application. Our experienced designers work with you to determine the correct spring rate and valving you need to achieve ultimate performance. Our strict adherence to precision tolerances and quality materials insure you will own the finest coil over shocks available. Nothing rides like King.


Part# Description Type Details Compressed length Extended length
PR3008-COHR 3.0x 8" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 16.000 24.000
PR3010-COHR 3.0x10" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 18.375 28.375
PR3012-COHR 3.0x12" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 20.650 32.650
PR3014-COHR 3.0x14" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 23.250 37.250
PR3016-COHR 3.0x16" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 26.000 42.000
PR3018-COHR 3.0x18" Coil Over Hose Reservoir (w/o springs) 28.000 46.000

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