'20-Current Jeep JT Superchips Trail Dash 3 - 42051-JT-3

  • VENDOR: Superchips
  • PART#: 42051-JT-3
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $682.95


Using the latest monitoring technology, TD3 offers a clean and sharp display unlike anything on the market for Jeep owners today. The all-new larger processor means faster tune loads, quicker response times, and the best user experience weve ever offered. TD3 is also now Wi-FI equipped making internet updates a breeze. The all-new screen layout has been perfected to compliment the look and feel of your Wrangler and Gladiator. Our all-new CRAWL screen offers easy access to the data and off-road features you need most like Sway Bar Disconnect, Axle Lockers, TPMS Disable, Rock Lock, Line Lock, and Engine Idle Up. Of course TD3 still offers tire size and gear ration adjustment along with our tried and true performance tuning for better power, torque and mileage from your Jeep regardless the situation. You can also optimize your experience with the addition of our broad array of EAS accessories for extra power switches, back-up camera and additional pressure or temperature sensors.


  • All-New Sleek Case Design
  • High-Resolution 5 Edge to Edge Swipe Screen
  • Built in Wi-Fi for Easy Product Updates
  • CRAWL Screen Offers Quick Access to Popular Off-Road Feature Controls
  • Custom Color Mixer for Gauge Arcs, Needles, and Backgrounds
  • Multiple Gauge Screen Layouts
  • Switch Panel Screen to Control EAS Power Switches
  • Fully Customizable Backgrounds
  • HDMI Style Plug for Power and Linking EAS Accessories
  • One-Touch Easy Menu Navigation
  • Notification Center


  • Custom Background/ MyStyle
  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • Video Capable
  • Screen Auto-Dim
  • Compatible with Expandable Accessory System (EAS)
  • Alerts and Records
  • Performance tests
  • Custom Pod/Mount Available
  • Display True Speed on Monitor
  • Speedometer Correction
  • Tire Size - 24-45
  • Axle Gear Ratio
  • 4WD-HI Axle Lock
  • Speed Limiter - 45-185
  • Rev Limiter - +/- 600 rpm
  • TPMS Threshold Adjust - 10-50 psi
  • Adjust Fan
  • Idle UP - 700-1500
  • Sway Bar Disable
  • Daytime Running Lights Adjust
  • Data Acquisition
  • DTC Read & Clear
  • Internet Updateable
  • Performance Tune(s)
  • Economy Tune
  • TPMS On/Off Available (Download Required) Adjust feature only available on TrailDash/TD2 - Enable/Disable
  • 87 Octane 15HP 18TQ
  • 91 Octane 18HP 23TQ
  • Superchips 93 20HP 25TQ
  • WiFi Updates
  • Touch Screen
  • Top Speed Limiter - 45-185mph
  • Throttle Booster - Up to 25%
  • Spark Timing Advance/Retard - +/- 10 Degrees
  • Lock Differentials in All Modes - 2wd, 4wd Hi, 4wd Lo
  • In-Cab Monitoring
  • Idle RPM - +/- 400 rpm
  • Fuel Rich/Lean Adjustment - +/- 10%
  • Engage Sway Bar - Enable/Disable
  • Enable One Touch Turn Signals - Enable/Disable
  • Disable Traction Control
  • Data Logging
  • Cooling Fan Control - 150-233
  • Check Clear DTCs
  • Calibrate Speedo for Tire Size
  • Calibrate Speedometer for Gear Ratio - 3.06-5.38
  • Auto Lights Delay - 0 sec to 10 mins
  • Honk Warning - Enable/Disable

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