'10-23 Toyota 4Runner DuroBumps Front & 4.25" Rear Bump Stop Kit

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  • PART#: DBF212+DBR425
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Durobumps front & 4.25″ rear bump stops for the 2010-2023 (5th Gen) Toyota 4Runner are intended for stock suspension trucks or mild lifts up to 2″.


DuroBumps are proudly made in the USA with dual durometer (hardness) rubber, providing smooth, progressive dampening that greatly reduces hard bottom-outs and allows for greater control and comfort compared to OEM bump stops, which can feel rock-hard on contact. With DuroBumps, you’ll gain better off-road control and comfort compared to OEM bump stops and eliminate the “shell-shock” effect experienced when hitting larger bumps.


  • Dual Durometer Rubber in DuroBumps allows for a smooth initial contact, with a progressively firmer compression rate to provide the ultimate bump stop.
  • Small, compact, application-specific bump stops. DuroBumps is the only application-specific bump stop manufacturer. We do not manufacture a “universal-fit” bump stops.
  • No loss of up travel. With DuroBumps being made with Dual Durometer Rubber the bump stops compress in a smooth predictable fashion.
  • Cast-in-place metal hardware embedded into rubber to prevent separation.
  • Thick 3/16″ Steel Base Plate provides strong support for the DuroBumps and ensures solid mounting. Base plates are powder coated to help prevent corrosion.
  • DuroBumps are made from the highest quality raw materials. All mounting hardware JIS 10.9 corrosion-resistant, metric hardware.


  • 5th Gen 4Runner Front & 4.25″ DuroBumps (x2)
  • JIS 10.9 metric corrosion-resistant bolts w/ washers (x4)
  • Single-use blue thread locker
  • Note: 4.25″ rear DuroBumps are available for trucks with a lift of 2″

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