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'08-21 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser SDHQ Built Secondary Air Pump Intake Relocation Kit

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  • PART#: SDHQ-53-1100-G3
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SDHQ Built Secondary Air Pump Intake Relocation Kit for the 2008-2021 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser relocates the intake for the failure prone pump from the inner fender well to inside the engine compartment close to the engine intake where it is better protected from the elements up and out of harms way.

While this is not a be all end solution as the pumps are still prone to failure in humid environments it is a good insurance policy for those using their truck heavily off road. Other options to fix this issue involve completely removing the pump and "tricking" the vehicles computer into believing that the pump is still doing its job however as a federally mandated piece of equipment modifications like this will not only void your vehicles warranty but will also make it non compliant to emissions testing.


  • 2008-2021 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser


  • Improves cold start emissions
  • Relocates the factory air pump intake out of harm's way, under the hood.
  • Cleaner look if you’re not running inner fender wells.


  • Adapters
  • Aluminum Fittings
  • Line clamps 


The Toyota Land Cruiser Air Injection Pump is used to improve cold-start emissions, a federally-mandated emissions requirement. By injecting fresh air into the exhaust stream the catalytic converters are able to heat up more quickly and therefore become more effective at scrubbing exhaust gases. Once the catalytic converters are warmed up, the air injection system is no longer needed.

Due to the location of the pump intake inside the Land Cruisers Inner fenders these pumps become even more susceptible to failure by moisture and debris exposure when a vehicle is used heavily off road and become completely exposed to the elements when fiberglass fenders or heavy duty off road bumpers are installed due to the lack of an inner fender well. The cost to repair or replace these units can total up to $4000 at your local dealership and are very rarely covered under the vehicle warranty.

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