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'05-Current Toyota Tacoma Rear Hydraulic Bump Stop Kit

  • VENDOR: Icon Vehicle Dynamics
  • PART#: ICON-56103
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Bolt on a set of ICON Vehicle Dynamics rear hydraulic air bumpstops to improve the on or off road capabilities of your 2005-Current (2nd and 3rd Gen) Toyota Tacoma when using maximum suspension travel.  ICON’s race proven hydraulic air bumpstops are tested, tried and true, from Cabo to Canada in all conditions. This vehicle specific tuned hydraulic air bumpstop system offers both smooth engagement, maximum bottom resistance, and smooth controlled return while being used in extreme conditions. The true value to using a compression and rebound tuned bumpstop is the exponentially increasing force is smooth, not abrupt or harsh like the OEM bumpstop.

As part of the kit, ICON includes an industry first selectable install height for the hydraulic air bumpstop so up travel is not limited with use of an aftermarket thicker leaf pack. This allows you to upgrade your leaf springs down the road, and retain maximum up travel without having to purchase a new bump stop bracket kit.


  • Bolt-on design using existing holes in frame for clean install with no cutting or welding
  • Industry only Toyota Tacoma specific tune to maximize bottom out resistance while having smooth engagement as well as return
  • Absorbs additional impact energy over the OEM rubber bumpstop and returns the axle in a more controlled manner
  • Industry only kit allowing adjustment for leaf pack height changes so uptravel is not lost


  • Linear-digressive piston which compliment a bumpstop over the industry standard linear-linear piston.
  • Infinite tuning options with valve stack, oil volume, and nitrogen pressure adjustments
  • Anodized billet top cap, o-ring sealed back up cap, seal head and striker
  • CAD Plated body for corrosion free service
  • Urethane rod seal and wiper for long service life
  • User serviceable


  • Factory rivet removal required
  • Configurable design to maximize up travel with OEM or aftermarket spring pack thicknesses
  • Includes bump stop strike pad that uses factory u-bolts to secure in place


  • (Qty - 2) 2.5" travel 2.0 hydraulic air bumpstops
  • (Qty - 2) Vehicle specific 2.0 bumpstop mounts
  • (Qty - 2) Lower standard spring configuration strike plates
  • (Qty - 2) Bumpstop spacer rings
  • Necessary hardware

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