Pro Eagle Jacks

Talon 1.5 Ton Jack Mount 2.0-ORJ154XM 2.0

  • VENDOR: Pro Eagle Jacks
  • PART#: PE-ORJ154XM 2.0
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Pro Eagle's Jack Mount for the Talon 1.5 Jack this mount is made of stainless steel, and easily bolted to your vehicle with 4 pre drilled holes. This mount holds the Pro Eagle 1.5 Ton Talon Jack, its handles, and an extension safely and securely.

This 2.0 version Mount includes 2 anti rattle straps threaded through laser cut holes to keep the jack tight and secure reducing movement and noise. Straps also tighten the jack handles to the mount which sit in the bed of the mount.


  • Holds 1.5 Ton Big Wheel Jack "Talon"
  • Holds Jack handles in the bed of the mount
  • Includes 2 Anti Rattle straps fit to size
  • Includes made to fit cover.
  • 4 Pre drilled holes so you can easily bolt down to your vehicle
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Safety pin secures jack to mount

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