Impact Helmet Shields with CruzArmor

  • VENDOR: Impact
  • PART#: Impact-12199904+CA
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $129.95


Manufactured from the highest grade, UV-stabilized optical quality polycarbonate material available, Impact’s helmet shields feature superior dimensional stability, high temperature resistance, outstanding impact strength, and exceptional clarity for the ultimate in visual acuity. Available in various anti-fog and tinted options, Impact has a shield to suit your needs


CruzArmor is a Sef-Healing surface film that is Optically Clear, Highly Durable, Hydrophobic water and mud repelling protection that virtually eliminates scratches, scuffs, rock chips, sand blasting, and roost flying damage caused by sand, silt, dirt, rocks, mud, gloves, and anything else the desert throws at it. 

  • The technology built into CruzArmor also repels water and rain, and reduces the static dust/silt that clings to your helmet and lighting lenses. 
  • In addition, CruzArmor will actually make existing light/micro lens scratches disappear, allowing you to salvage some of those helmet shields from last season, or just the last race.
  • Easy to install, DIY protection will stay clear, & scratch free for years to come.  

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