Dynatrac | Rebuildable Balljoints

Dynatrac Heavy-Duty BallJoints™ are the strongest, most durable and highest quality available anywhere, featuring heat-treated high-strength billet bodies with chromoly stems. The heat-treated, precision-ground stainless steel ball meets military specifications. Unique seals prevent contamination, and the ball joints have greasable fittings and Teflon-coated wear points to provide a long, durable life.
Symptoms of worn ball joints include the vehicle wandering on the road, decreased steering feel, wobble, tire-tread cupping and feathering. The OEM ball joints used in Dodge, Ford and Jeep solid-axle applications often wear quickly with larger off-road tires, heavy loads and extreme off-roading. Replacing worn factory ball joints with OEM or inferior aftermarket knock-offs is a short-term fix. Dynatrac Ball Joints are built specifically for the rigorous demands of real off-road vehicles.