BuiltRight Industries

'21-Current Ford Raptor BuiltRight Industries Pro Dash Mount Kit

  • VENDOR: BuiltRight Industries
  • PART#: 104061
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $95.00


You might be on the go, but you’re not off the grid. The BuiltRight Industries Pro Dash Mount for the 2021-Current Ford Raptor is the original and was designed to give you the ability to organize and position your phone and other devices exactly where you need them. The rigid, durable mounting point is ideal for all types of accessories. And with room for multiple mounts, you don’t have to compromise. You can keep your mind at ease and your eyes on the road.

Pro Model:
The pro model offers additional rigidity as the only Dash Mount that includes a lower support plate which ties into the actual dash structure. The lower bracket is installed first and the Dash Mount is then bolted directly to it through the plastic tray.

VEHICLE FITMENT: 2021-Current Ford Raptor


The BuiltRight Industries Dash Mount provides a rigid, durable mounting point for all types of accessories. With room for multiple mounts, users can attach and configure their devices with infinite adjustability. The Dash Mount was born from the lack of phone mounts that give you the ability to position your device where you want. The slots used in the design are sized to accommodate AMPS standard attachments.

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