Element Fire E100 Industrial Portable Fire Extinguisher - 40100

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  • PART#: ELEMENT-40100
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Element's E100 Industrial Portable Fire extinguisher offers 100 seconds of firefighting protection. This lightweight extinguisher is more efficient in fighting industrial-grade fires than a standard 5lb fire extinguisher.

The E100 makes no mess and leaves no residue, it's non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly means this fire extinguisher will not remove breathing oxygen in confined spaces. Internationally tested and certified, the small construction is weatherproof and unaffected by extreme temperatures (-140F to +320F), humidity, movement and it’s also safe to store in wet environments and will not expire.


  • 100 Second Discharge
  • Compact and Easy to use
  • Use on A, B, C, and K fire classes
    Element Fire E100 Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • Leaves no mess or residue, making it eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Zero pressure discharge will not spread the fire
  • Maintenance Free no moving parts or compressed gas to service
  • Completely weatherproof will withstand extreme temperatures
  • Will not expire


  • E100 extinguisher with high visibility striker and cap
  • One (1) Mounting clip included

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