Carli Suspension

'19-Current Ram 2500 4x4 Hemi Carli 2.0 Backcountry Suspension Kit

  • VENDOR: Carli Suspension
  • PART#: CS-DBC20-19-H
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $4,530.00
  • Fitment: Will only fit Ram 2500 4x4 Models with the Hemi Engine


Carli's Backcountry 2.0 suspension system for the 2019-Current Ram 2500 4x4 Hemi is designed for people seeking the best ride on and off-road on a budget; perfect for those that want to have a little dirt-road fun in their 8,500lb truck without losing the on-road ride quality or usability for which the truck was designed. You’re no longer limited to the highway while gravel roads become uninteresting as you can drive them at speed with one hand on the wheel.

Utilizing Fox 2.0” Remote Reservoir Shocks, we’ve developed a shock tune that delivers all around comfort and ride quality designed for on-road, in town, highway, towing/hauling as well as slow to mid speed off road use. The Fox 2.0s boast extruded aluminum construction with a clear anodizing for corrosion resistance, are fully rebuildable and are built with hour-glass bushings in the rod-ends.

Your truck will sit 3”-3.5” higher in the front (cab configuration dependent) with 50% more suspension travel than the factory platform thanks to the taller, lighter rate coil springs. The rear is lifted .5”-1.5” via Carli’s progressive coil springs and will reduce payload and towing capacity 15% from a stock 2500.


Front Lift Rear Lift Front Travel Rear Travel Shock Diameter Tire Fitment
3- 3.25" 0.5 - 1" 9.6" 11" 2.0" 37" x 12.5"


  • CS-DEL-R-14: Rear Sway Bar End Links
  • CS-DFBD-1: Front Bump Drops
  • CS-DLRC-14-H: Front Linear-Rate Coil Springs
  • CS-DMRC-14-R: Rear Multi-Rate Coil Springs
  • CS-DATB-1419: Front Track Bar
  • CS-DRAD-14: Radius Arm Drops
  • CS-DCM-20-HK: Transmission Crossmember, Extended Hardware Kit
  • CS-DRBD-AL: Rear Bump Drops
  • CS-DPRBDROP-14-R: Rear Track Bar Drop
  • CS-DC20SPKG-14-H: Carli Tuned Fox 2.0" IFP Shocks, Front and Rear
  • CS-DVDBRKT-19: Harmonic Damper Relocation Bracket


      This Carli Suspension Kit must be accompanied by a selection of a Sway Bar option to form a complete system.
        • Easily the best "bang for the buck" upgrade for ride quality
        • Allows front suspension to move freely without giving up control
        • For trucks with 0-3" of front lift
        • NOT compatible with Stock wheels, Max 5.75" backspace
        • In-house machined billet aluminum
        • Hard-Anodized for corrosion resistance
        • Correct factory sway bar geometry on 3" Lift


This system will fit up to a 37” tire when utilizing wheels that are no more than 9” wide with 5” of backspacing to clear the new rear shock path. We Recommend running a 17″-18” diameter wheel for optimal ride quality (more rubber = better small bump compliance) on a 35”-37” E-rated tire running 45psi front, 40psi rear when unloaded.

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