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Bubba Rope

1/4" Pro-Line Winch Line

  • VENDOR: Bubba Rope
  • PART#: Bubba-176754x40PRO
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The PRO-LINE uses advanced HMPE Plasma® synthetic rope in a unique all-in-one assembly. Incorporating a synthetic shackle to the end of a synthetic winch line simplifies winch line connections while eliminating both the weight and possibility of heavy dangerous metal hook flying in case of failure. Weighing less than 1 lbs. the PRO-LINE is 86% lighter than steel lines and 25% lighter than other synthetic winch lines.

All our winch lines are coated with a heavy Gator-ized® vinyl rope armor resulting in better protection against abrasion, sand, and ultraviolet light. We color banded the winch line every 5 feet so you can quickly gauge the amount of rope you have out at any time. The kit includes a patented Grabber for easier secure connection to your winch drum. This line is also completely factory repairable at no cost. Rope will not whip if broken, instead it will fall directly to the ground.

Best fit: winches with 3.5k to 5k lbs. capacity

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