SDHQ Built 2015 Toyota Tundra Inferno

Over the years we have pushed the limits when it comes to taking the stock manufacturer's platform and turning it into a truly off-road capable machine. This build was no different, no detail was over looked, no corners were cut.

Build Overview

With this build we wanted to see just how much performance we could pull out of this truck, how much more functional we could make it, and just how smooth we could make the ride. It's no secret that here at SDHQ we think the Toyota Tundra is an exceptional starting platform to upgrade, so we utilized a 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, with a standard 6.5 bed. In typical SDHQ style we took a brand new truck cut it up and shortened the stock bed to a 5.5. Then we created the perfect amalgam of high quality off-road products, from some of the best manufacturers in the industry and added our own custom touches along the way.

Front Suspension

Camburg Long travel front end that maintained 4wd with Icon coil over and secondary bypass shocks, as well as Fox bump stops. Instead of taking the BFH to the front inner fenders we cut them out and raised them up to allow for uninhibited full bump of the 37" tires.

Featured Products
Camburg 4x4 Long Travel Kit
Icon RR Coilovers with CDC Valves
Icon RR Omega Bypasses
Fox Bump Stops
SDHQ Limit Straps

Rear Suspension

For the Rear Suspension we did a sprung under kit with, Deaver springs, and Fox 5 tube bypass shocks with quick adjusters and Fox 2.5 bumps. A SDHQ custom bed cage was made for optimal shock mounting. We were going for a clean finished look, so aluminum panels were made to conceal the shocks and even hid the water methanol tank in the drivers side enclosure. This low profile design and SDHQ universal mount accommodated the 37" spare tire easily.

Featured Products
SDHQ Sprung Under Conversion utilizing Deaver Leafs
SDHQ Bedcage with Compete Custom paneling
Fox 3.5x18" 5 Tube Bypass
Fox Bumpstops


When it comes to off-road lighting we take it pretty seriously that why we added about as many Baja Design lights as we possibly could. This build is truly a marriage of style and function.

Featured Products
50" Baja Designs Arc OnX6 Bar (Front Bumper)
20" Baja Designs OnX6 Bar (Lower Skid Plate)
40" Baja Designs S8 Bar (SDHQ Hood Mount)
2 Baja Designs XL80 (SDHQ A Pillar Mounts)
2 10" Baja Designs OnX6 Bars (Back Bumper)
Baja Designs Squadron Sport (Dust Light)