King Off-Road Shocks

3.0 Performance Racing Series Remote Reservoir Shock

  • VENDOR: King Off-Road Shocks
  • PART#: King-PR3008-SS
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $891.00


King 3.0 Performance Race Series Smoothie Shocks

King's Performance Race series shocks are brimming with technological breakthroughs conceived during strenuous testing in the harshest environments. Utilizing only the highest quality materials and strict precision tolerances they deliver unparalleled performance. King's understanding of fluid dynamics and piston design has created unmatched levels of ride quality and superior control.

King offer a wide range of shock types and configurations such as bypass shocks, coilovers, smooth bodies with reservoir, or pure emulsion. King shocks don't sit on a shelf looking for a home but instead are 100% custom made for your application. All King shocks are easily tunable with simple tools to provide the level of damping you need.

When you choose to ride on Kings you can rest assured you will have the finest shocks available. A set of King, Performance Race series shocks, are all you need to make your suspension perform to its full potential.

100% made in the USA under the strictest tolerances from the highest quality materials obtainable. Easily tunable and serviceable with simple hand tools.

Part # Travel Compression
King-PR3008-SS 8" 16" 24" 3.0 Smoothie Remote
King-PR3010-SS 10" 18.375" 28.375" 3.0 Smoothie Remote
King-PR3012-SS 12" 20.65" 32.65" 3.0 Smoothie Remote
King-PR3014-SS 14" 23.25" 37.25" 3.0 Smoothie Remote
King-PR3016-SS 16" 26" 42" 3.0 Smoothie Remote
King-PR3018-SS 18" 28" 46" 3.0 Smoothie Remote


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