Fab Fours Bumpers | Shop by Category

Fab Fours bumpers are the strongest, most durable bumpers on the market. Fab Four offers several different bumper styles. 

Fab Fours | Vengeance Series Bumpers

Fab Fours' new line of light weight bumpers: Vengeance Series. These premium steel sensor bumpers are engineered to be light weight and offer a sleek and stylish finish for both the front and rear of your vehicle.

Fab Fours | Aero Series

Fab Fours' newest Ultra Light Hybrid bumpers: AERO SERIES. By combining tube and plate steel these premium bumpers are constructed to be lightweight, offer a sleek AEROdynamic design while providing optimal tire clearance. Engineered to retain factory skid plate and new technology

Fab Fours | Elite Black Series Bumpers

Fab Fours took the ranch bumper design and combined it with the smooth plate look from our premium line to create BLACK STEEL ELITE.

Fab Fours | Black Series Bumpers

Fab Fours matched every bumper to the body lines of each model truck. With no vertical flanges and tapered edges. Available in either a Full Guard, Pre-runner Guard or No Guard bumper.

Fab Fours | Premium Winch Bumpers

These bumpers are designed to be the ultimate in functionally-stylish front end protection while also providing more tire clearance to eliminate rubbing. Key features include the integrated fog and turn lights, D-Ring mounts and ability to accommodate up to 12,000 lb. winches.