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The DECKED Truck Tool Box is the only toolbox on the market that's easy to access, won't ding, dent or rust, and looks like it came from this decade. Secure. Waterproof. Nearly Indestructible. 100% Made in USA.


  • This DECKED Tool Box fits full-size Ford, Chevy/GMC, Ram, Nissan manufactured from 2001 to current.
  • Does not fit the CarbonPro bed for new Chevy/GMC trucks.
  • Toyota pickup trucks manufactured from 2001 to 2021.
  • If you have a truck older than 2001, the DECKED Tool Box will most likely be compatible if your bed width is between 61.375" and 70.5" (this should be the measurement from the left inside bed rail to the right inside bed rail).
  • Gooseneck or fifth wheel compatibility: It is critical that any Gooseneck or Fifth Wheel has enough clearance to accommodate the DECKED Tool Box. The Tool Box is 6" in height above the bed rails and takes up 24" in bed depth between the cabside bed wall and the edge of the Tool Box. NOTE: If your trailer swings wide while turning, make sure there is extra clearance as needed to avoid hitting the Tool Box on a tight turn.
  • Does not fit any stepside or flairside beds (they are too narrow). Not compatible with the GMC/Chevy Sierra/Silverado stepside made from 1999-2011, nor the F-150 short bed (5' 6") SuperCrew Heritage made from 2001 through 2003 (2004 badged as the SuperCrew Heritage) with the Stepside / Flareside tailgate, or the 2004-2009 version. Not compatible with the Tundra stepside made from 2003-2004.

Tool Box Compatible Drawer Systems:

Bed Length:
Drawer SKU:
Ford F150 8' bed 2004-2014 DF6
Ford F150 Aluminum 8' bed 2015-current DF7
Ford Super Duty 8' bed 1999-2016 DS5
Ford Super Duty 8' bed 2017-current DS4
Silverado/Sierra 1500 *does not fit Carbon Pro  8' bed 2019-current DG9
Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500 *does not fit Carbon Pro 8' bed 2020-current DG10
RAM 1500 8' bed 2002-2018  DR5
RAM 2500/3500 8' bed 2003-current DR5


Set of (2) keys for drivers side lock, (1) Blue DECKED D-Box, and (1) Snack Tray included at no extra charge. The Tool Box with the integrated Access Ladder fits one nested D-Box and one Snack Tray. Without the Access Ladder, it will fit 2 of each. Fits up to 3 Crossboxes at the bottom of the tub.


  • Steel reinforced, injection-molded, high-impact polymer resin lid
  • Injection-molded, impact-treated, high-density polyethylene base
  • Anti-corrosion treated steel and aluminum hardware for long-lasting durability
  • Steel armored locking mechanism combined with driver side lock makes forced entry nearly impossible
  • Seamless, watertight construction--EPDM lid gasket
  • Torsion springs provide effortless lid opening and closing--no slamming of fingers
  • Two tie-downs at base of tub for securing a moto/ATV or large cargo
  • Optional 6,000 Series aluminum ladder is low-profile, easily deploys to reach tools and gear, telescopes closed inside the toolbox, and accommodates a maximum bed rail height of 60 in.
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