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Bubba Rope

Bubba Rope 7/8" Diameter

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Available in 20-foot and 30-foot lengths

-20 Foot Length Standard Color: BLUE

-30 Foot Length Standard Color: RED

This is the same great offroad Power Stretch recovery rope as the original but only a few feet shorter. With a breaking strength of 28,600 pounds, this recovery rope is safer and more reliable than other so-called kinetic energy ropes. Ideal for 4x4 trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Comes with its own mesh duffle bag for easy carrying and storing. Length is determined before the rope is under load.

Bubba Rope® is the original tougher, safer, off-road recovery rope, developed through our military contracts for pulling vehicles out of mud, sand or snow. It is the only snatch rope for the 4x4 market with a heavy vinyl polymer coating and Gator-ize® eyes.

 100% double-braided nylon rope Gator-ize® Vinyl Polymer coating
 The only rope that uses exact US Military specs for splicing and coatings
 Water, UV and abrasive resistant
 Highest breaking strengths available, certified at our factory
 Each Bubba Rope® recovery rope includes an FREE mesh carrying case

Bubba Rope® provides superior performance, strength, and durability that goes way beyond typical recovery ropes, kinetic energy ropes, snatch straps and chains. It stretches to help get your stuck vehicle moving.


10-Foot Extension Rope- Bubba-176610EXT
7/8" x 10' Meet the new generation of kinetic energy recovery rope in a compact size. With 100% more stretching ability and more pulling power than a flat web strap. We even made it Military Camo green to match the military specs that this rope was derived from. Mesh duffel bag and Velcro wrap included.

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