Carli Suspension

'03-09 Dodge Ram 2500/3500 3.0 Dominator System-6" Lift

  • VENDOR: Carli Suspension
  • PART#: CS-DD30-6-03
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $10,350.00


This Carli 3.0 Dominator Suspension System for the Dodge Ram 2500/3500 is the Jack of all trades suspension system offering the most on-road comfort of any system in the Carli lineup. The Dominator rides better than any other system on the road while boasting off-road manners that make the truck feel half its size. This is the end of our “all-around” Suspension Systems; anything above the 3.0” King will sacrifice on-road ride for off-road capability. For the customer looking for the best balance of on and off-road capability, without leaning too far in either direction, this system is the perfect candidate.


  • Front Lift: 6"
  • Rear Lift: 4"
  • Front Travel: 12"
  • Rear Travel: 12.5"
  • Shock Diameter: 3.0
  • Tire Fitment: 37"x12.50


  • CS-DMRC6-03-D: Multi-Rate Coils
  • CS-DATB-03: Track Bar
  • CS-DPRBDROP-6: Track Bar Drop Bracket
  • CS-DRA6-03-L: Radius Arm System with Long Crossmember
  • CS-DD30SPKG-6-03-D: Dominator 3.0" Shocks, Stainless Shafts, Short Reservoir Mounts, Limit Straps
  • CS-DFST475: Fabricated Shock Towers
  • CS-DRBD-6: Rear Bump Drops
  • CS-DFBD-6: Front Bump Stop Drops
  • CS-D6BBL-03: Brake Lines
  • CS-HOLESAWKIT-4.5: 4" Hole Saw and Arbor
  • CS-D30GUSSET: Rear Shock Gusset Kit


The Carli 6” Systems are an entirely different animal than the 3” offerings. There is no entry level; every system is equipped with a custom tuned shock package and Radius Arm Conversion. The Dominator goes a step further and runs a 1-piece, internally gusseted crossmember. The longer, flatter links cycle more linear travel and offer a superior ride quality over extending a short arm to work with a 6” front lift. Complete with a Driver’s side axle shock, Carli radius arms allow the axle to roll as to not bind during articulation; think of it as the strength of a radius arm and articulation capability of a 4-Link. Further, the drop brackets that affix the radius arms to the frame bolt on with no modification to the existing, factory control arm brackets (ensuring the truck can be returned to stock). The arms themselves boast “X” bracing internal to their gusseted, clam-shell structure and are constructed with 3” Currie Johnny Joints and an internally gusseted, 1-piece Crossmember (Dominator and UnChained only) making them both serviceable and nearly indestructible.

The Dominator is the best of our utilitarian style offerings boasting front Carli Signature tuned, King 3.0” remote reservoir shocks so large, we needed bore the factory spring buckets for them to cycle properly. As the old adage goes, there’s no replacement for displacement. In an effort to provide customers with the best product, we do not sell off-the-shelf King 3.0s. We designed a custom piston to determine proper base flow rates to ensure the shock works well in the heavy duty truck platform; we then tuned the shocks around the custom pistons based on seat-of-the-pants feel. We round off ALL our King shocks with shafts machined and polished from a solid piece of 17-4 Stainless. Unlike King’s standard shafts, there is no coating to wear off, weather is far less likely to hurt them and if there is a small chip, you can round the edges with emery cloth to ensure the seal housing isn’t damaged as they’re not brittle like the stock, hardened shafts. Note that all King shocks are built with a plated steel body. If subjected to inclement weather for extended periods, we recommend wrapping your shocks in 3M to provide a moisture barrier that’s replaceable.

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