King Off-Road Shocks

2.0 Performance Racing Series Remote Reservoir Shock

  • VENDOR: King Off-Road Shocks
  • PART#: King-PR2006-SS
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $359.00


King Shocks Smooth Body shocks are designed for use with existing coils, torsion bars or leaf springs. King Smooth Body shocks are built from similar materials as King's top of the line race shocks. King's Smooth Body shocks good looks are matched by their smooth performance. These shocks are fully serviceable and adjustable with simple tools. A set of King Shocks Smooth Body shocks are all you will need to make your suspension perform to its full potential.


King Shocks offer Compression Adjusters on 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0 coilovers, smoothies and internal bypass shocks. King compression Adjusters have a single knob to quickly make adjustments to mid speed compression, resulting in changes to ride comfort and performance. In addition to helping you dial in the perfect ride, they improve the function of the shock and can also save you countless hours of suspension tuning.


Part# Description Type Weight Compressed length Extended length
PR2006-SS 2.0x 6" Smoothie Hose Reservoir 7.50 13.000 19.000
PR2008-SS 2.0x 8" Smoothie Hose Reservoir 8.00 15.000 23.000
PR2010-SS 2.0x10" Smoothie Hose Reservoir 9.50 17.050 27.050
PR2012-SS 2.0x12" Smoothie Hose Reservoir 10.50 19.585 31.585
PR2014-SS 2.0x14" Smoothie Hose Reservoir 11.50 21.585 35.585
PR2016-SS 2.0x16" Smoothie Hose Reservoir 13.00 23.600 39.500

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