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Baja Designs Vehicle Specific Light Mount Kits

Get the perfect fit for your vehicle's lights with vehicle specific light mounts by Baja Designs. Many automotive lighting systems have a clunky fit that requires extra attention to make sure your lights look like they're part of your vehicle rather than just strapped on as an after thought. Not with Baja Designs. Baja Designs has created vehicle specific mounts for our LED lights, LED light bars, and HID lights so your vehicle's lights are secure and add value.



Whether you're on-road or off, our LED lighting systems for GMC trucks dramatically improve your range of vision to give you more time to avoid or prepare for obstacles.

When you choose Baja Designs for your Jeep Wrangler JK LED lights, you're using the best in high-performance LED lighting. Designed by "The Scientists of Lighting"

One of the easiest and most dramatic upgrades you'll want to perform is to replace the OEM lighting system with Baja Designs automotive auxiliary LED lights.

A high-quality LED lighting system makes your truck safer and more capable without dramatically altering the look and ride quality. Compared to other performance mods