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About Us For over 17 years SDHQ has continued to raise the standard of what an off-road shop should be. SDHQ bases its principals around a strong commitment to customer service, quality products, competitive prices, and professional installation. The backbone of our company is our talented team of knowledgeable staff that each truly shares our customers' passion for all things off-road. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality work. SDHQ has built a reputation for being perfectionists and for delivering a higher level of work. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our customers, we are not interested in cheap gimmicks or quick sales. When customers leave our shop we want them to walk away knowing that their work was done right, we will stand behind it, and they received the best value for their money spent with us. Over the years we had the pleasure of working with so many great customers, vendors and enthusiasts we value those relationships and will continue to grow the SDHQ "family". We look forward to continuing to provide a higher level of service to the off-road community. SDHQ was founded back in 1999 out of necessity. Back then the only aftermarket options where cheap products by large retail chains or tired, obsolete parts from mom and pop shops. We had a vision for something much better, we wanted to provide an alternative to the people that shared our passion we knew we could provide better parts, better selection, and more knowledgeable staff. We've come a long way from that 600 sq ft single bay shop! By staying true to those simple early principals we have grown as an international leader in the off-road community. Our 20,000 sq ft state of the art facility in Gilbert Arizona is a result of years of vision, innovation and hard work. At SDHQ all Sales, Installation, Design, Fabrication and Manufacturing are done under one roof. We control our quality, our turn around, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We have built a strong network with the most respected brands in the industry and keep a huge selection of inventory on hand for our customers' needs, and if its not available, we can make it. SDHQ has invested in state of the art equipment and a talented team with years of experience that continues to innovate and manufacture a large selection of off-road parts in house. In addition to our shop we also extend our support to the needs of the off-road community with our 44 ft vendor trailer onsite for off-road races and events. We invite you to stop by our showroom to see first hand why we have become the premier off-road shop, and experience first hand a higher level of service. We look forward to serving you! -SDHQ
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Serena Pruett, Operations Manager

Serena Pruett was born and raised in Arizona, growing up with a dad that raced dragsters she learned early on that everything is meant to be driven as fast as it can go, and with a few modifications it can always be faster. Pruett exclaims, "When I was seven years old I had a Briggs and Stratton powered go kart that went 60 mph and ran off methanol." In 2005 the opportunity arose for Serena to join the team at SDHQ Offroad in Gilbert Arizona, the perfect job that was well suited for her passion. Through the years she has steadily rose through the ranks and currently holds the position of operations manager. For over 10 year Serena has built up strong relationships with customers, vendors and      

Kevin Ketchner, Shop Foreman

Kevin Ketchner grew up around hot rods and racing. His first car was a 1953 mercury with a 1949 flathead that he started building at 15. He has been building and fabricating ever since and graduated from Wyotech in 2003. Before getting into off-road, he was involved in many different types of racing, including; shifter carts, motocross and rally cars. He studies in and continues to work with all types of fabrication. Learning new types of fabrication and technology is something that Kevin takes seriously. Having been with SDHQ for nearly 10 years, he applies every aspect he learns to help every product that leaves the door better.      

Jason Steele, Warehouse Manager

Jason was born and raised in East County San Diego where at an early age he knew the off-road industry is where he wanted to be. He grew up on three wheelers, going to the imperial sand dunes with his family, his father and brother being avid dune goers, and his brother having grown up racing. Jason would go to any off-road race he could get the chance to go to. The District 38 series races in the Superstition Desert in El Centro CA, is one place his brother and cousin would race, and Jason would go to help any chance he got. Being surrounded by the off-road community and loving it made Jason realize that off-road was his life. He says, “There is just something about desert racing and seeing a class 8 truck up close, the sound of the V8 engine, the size of the tires and the smell of the race fuel, such a big truck, so cumbersome, yet so graceful through the desert at high speeds.” He couldn’t get over them. As Jason grew older, he got into dirt bikes but his love for pre-runners and off-road trucks never died. Later he would move to Arizona where he would continue to work in the off-road industry before accepting a position at SDHQ OFFROAD. Jason said, “It took 8 years of coming into the shop, and then I finally got my chance to make my dreams come true working for an amazing off-road shop.” Jason now holds the position of warehouse manager.  

Colton McClure, Shop Manager


Jason Holmes, Sales Manager
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Doug Spurlock, BoltOn Manager

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Willy Bynum, Special Projects Manager


Cliff Tubbs, Sales Associate


Devin Brod, Sales Associate

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Dan200, Onsite Race Sales

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